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waveRAPID® - the new way of measuring kinetics

Speeding up the early stages of drug discovery is crucial to getting new medicines to the patients faster. With waveRAPID scientists can now select drug candidates faster and more accurately.

Creoptix WAVEsystem

Keeping Kinetics Real

Modern label-free technology meets no-clog microfluidics and automated software to provide superior affinity and kinetic data quality and challenging sample compatibility.

Accelerating COVID-19 Research

Binding kinetics enrich ELISA data

Binding affinity is arguably one of the most widely studied properties of a biologic drug. However, unless it is evaluated alongside other qualities, binding affinity cannot provide sufficient information to predict clinical efficacy.

  • Real Samples, Real Data

    The Creoptix WAVEsystem

    Confidently detect and quantify biological interactions in real-time, for high-quality kinetic data across a broader range of samples than traditional equipment.

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Confidence in kinetic measurements

What is Real?

Real is measuring kinetics of biological interactions in relevant contexts. Only the WAVE innovative microfluidic cartridge tolerates native, physiological and harsh conditions, providing access to new data not possible before.

Small Pic2020

Small Molecules

Real is Crude

Capture fast off-rates of weakly binding fragments in crude reaction mixtures and high concentrations of DMSO.

Mebrane Proteins CX 2020 broad web

Membrane Proteins

Real is Native

Stay close to native state in cell membrane and study interactions with large binding partners.

Serology pic2020


Real is (less)Diluted

Measure antibody kinetics in (un)diluted serum and plasma while reducing cross-contamination.

Biologics pic2020 small 2


Real is Natural

Measure more than just affinity, even in the low pM range, while confirming and enriching ELISA data.

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COVID-19 Research

Real is Relevant

The coronavirus outbreak is posing a threat to our health, economy and mobility. Discover how the WAVEsystem can help accelerate your research.

The Creoptix’ WAVE technology aids us best in discovering better drug molecules

Nicolas Bocquet, Senior Scientist

Nicolas Bocquet, Senior Scientist,


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What's inside the WAVEsystem?

Experience the WAVE in 3D

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