About us

About us

Building WAVEs by the lake

Our company

We lead the advancement of breakthroughs in life science research

Creoptix AG

Creoptix is a private company headquartered in Wädenswil, at the foot of the lake of Zurich in Switzerland, and with US offices in the Boston area.

Our mission

We enable life scientists to accelerate discovery by providing cutting-edge tools for molecular interaction analysis. Creoptix focuses on next-generation bioanalytical instruments for drug discovery and life sciences for both industry and academic research. Based on its proprietary biosensor, microfluidics and software technologies, the Creoptix WAVEsystem provides exceptionally high sensitivity and resolution to study real-time biological interactions involving fragment, small molecules, peptides, membrane proteins, biologics and other molecules even in crude reaction mixtures and biofluids like undiluted serum and plasma.

Our values

We embody, live and promote these values in everything we do.
Watch below how our team incorporates them.

  • We do things differently

    Courageously Innovative

    We are creative. We believe that great technology enables great science. We are here to create the best cutting-edge tools to serve our customers

  • We are partners first

    Customer Centric

    Our customer is at the heart of everything we do. We collaborate, co-create and prioritize with an exceptional level of service quality and responsiveness

  • We are the challengers


    We are proactive and adaptive. We are focused on getting it right, instead of being right. We believe true pioneers don't give up when it’s hard

  • We make an impact, together

    Supportive and Collaborative

    We support, encourage, and celebrate each other. We are one team working towards a greater common mission. We celebrate diversity and inclusion

  • We will always go the extra mile


    We stop only when the job is appropriately completed. We take personal ownership and accountability for results and our actions

  • We are transparent


    Even when nobody is looking, we act with fairness, honesty, and empathy. We will always do the right thing for the customer and for science

Re-imagining scientific discovery tools to improve people’s health

Our purpose

Our purpose

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