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Since 2011, 2bind offers tailor-made service packages for protein- and RNA-based drug discovery, antibody development, protein analytics, aptamer development, and characterization of molecular interactions. From ultra-comprehensive analyses of single molecular interactions to high-throughput screening of thousands of compounds and fragments. From competition assays to binding analysis in complex biological liquids. With essential and cutting-edge biophysical tools 2bind can answer practically every question for binding affinity, kinetics, thermodynamics, stoichiometry, protein stability, protein unfolding, protein buffer optimum, protein radius, solution homogeneity, and many more.

Working as a provider for biophysical analytics in early drug discovery, we are excited about the exceptional sensitivity of the WAVE system which elevates kinetic interaction analysis to a new unmatched level and helps us generate highest quality data for our customers

Benjamin Zimmer, PhD

Benjamin Zimmer, PhD,

Senior Scientist

  • Measure interactions, not interference


    Engineered around a proprietary Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology, the Creoptix® WAVE system builds on waveguide interferometry to achieve superior resolution in signal and time. With low limits of detection, the WAVEsystem generates accurate kinetic rates, affinity constants, and concentrations of label-free biomolecular interactions, even at low analyte abundance, with no loss of definition.

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  • Faster, More Sensitive Kinetic Analysis

    WAVEsystem brochure

    The Creoptix™ WAVEsystem brochure explains how Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI), robust microfluidics, and automated software are combined in a single platform to provide a breakthrough level of kinetic analysis

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  • A sensor chip for every need


    WAVEchip®- Innovative design and patented microfluidic cartridge to support crude samples, pathogenic samples, harsh solvents, and large particles up to 1000 nm normally only achieved with plate-based assays for kinetic analysis not possible before

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  • Choose the Right WAVEchip® for your Application

    WAVEchip® brochure

    Download the WAVEchip® quickguide brochure to discover the right WAVEchip® for your application. Ordering information included.

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  • Choose the Right WAVEchip® for your Application

    Interactive chip finder

    You are four steps away from finding the right WAVEchip® for your application.

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  • Smooth operations


    Our WAVEcare programs offer carefree or basic support for high-quality kinetic data and unparalleled performance. Ensure the continuous, high performance operation of your WAVEsystem by choosing the program that fits your needs.

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  • Identify the service that best meets your needs

    WAVEcare brochure

    Including an easy-to-view comparison of the different options available, it also explains the importance of scheduling a regular preventative maintenance visit from one of our qualified service engineers.

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  • Fast, intuitive, automated


    Move seamlessly from sample to data in a simple stepwise process, generating outputs at the touch of a button. Benefit from waveRAPID, a novel method implemented on the existing WAVEdelta instruments allowing you to obtain kinetics of an interaction by injections from a single well.

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  • Streamline your workflow with the WAVEcontrol software

    WAVEcontrol brochure

    The WAVEcontrol brochure reveals how workflow-based software provides complete control over biomolecular interaction analysis.

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