Kinetics on Membrane Proteins

Kinetics on Membrane Proteins

While retaining conformation and activity

Real is Unpurified

With the sensitivity and versatility to measure analyte-membrane protein interactions in a wide variety of sample matrices, the Creoptix WAVEsystem enables more detailed investigation of membrane protein pharmacology, providing, for example, real-time drug binding affinities and label-free kinetics.

Stay close to native state in cell membrane and study molecular interactions with large binding partners

  • Real Samples, Real Data

    The Creoptix WAVEsystem

    Confidently detect and quantify biological interactions in real-time, for high-quality kinetic data across a broader range of samples than traditional equipment.

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  • More than buffer

    Membrane proteins are notoriously difficult to study due to the requirement for a membrane-mimicking environment and their instability once extracted from a cellular membrane. Here we show the capability of the WAVE to measure the interaction of a peptide ligand agonist (NTA11) with a thermostabilized variant of the neurotensin receptor 1 (NTSR1) at highest resolution.

  • Save time

    The WAVEsystem can be used for the kinetic analysis of G-protein binding onto detergent-solubilized, unpurified GPCRs. By shortening a typical 10-step purification process, this method requires significantly less material (30mL of cell culture) and less time (less than 1 hour), thereby offering an alternative for screening purposes at an early stage of the drug discovery process involving membrane proteins.

The Creoptix’ WAVE technology aids us best in discovering better drug molecules

Nicolas Bocquet, PhD

Nicolas Bocquet, PhD,

Senior Scientist at leadXpro

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