We're bringing our Let's talk kinetics! series to you in a 30 minute virtual format in June 2020


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"Grating-Coupled Interferometry 101"

on Tuesday, June 16th at 11:00 CEST/10:00 BST with Dr. Fabio Andres and Maria Walton

  • Modern label-free technology meets robust microfluidics and sophisticated software
  • Higher signal, lower noise and faster transitions 
  • A step closer to a 1:1 model 


"Small Molecules: Binding Kinetics no Matter the Size"

on WednesdayJune 17th at 11:00 CEST/10:00 BST with Dr. Fabio Andres and Jean-Marc Belouard

  • Screen, rank and characterize weak binders with off-rates up to 10 s-1 
  • Study binding kinetics even at large analyte:ligand MW ratios (up to 1:1000)
  • Experiment with crude mixtures, detergents and other additives without clogging 


"Binding Kinetics onto Membrane Proteins" 

on WednesdayJune 17th at 2:00 pm EDT/20:00 CEST/19:00 BST with Dr. Ellen Lee and Evan Baxter

  • Analyze multiprotein complexes and even larger particles like VLPs and crude membranes
  • WAVE goodbye to lengthy and laborious receptor purification procedures
  • Welcome contaminants and work with crude samples