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Our partner for providing customer access to state-of-the-art protein analytics, interaction analytics, screening services, and drug discovery support

Since 2011, 2bind offers tailor-made service packages for protein- and RNA-based drug discovery, antibody development, protein analytics, aptamer development, and characterization of molecular interactions. From ultra-comprehensive analyses of single molecular interactions to high-throughput screening of thousands of compounds and fragments. From competition assays to binding analysis in complex biological liquids. With essential and cutting-edge biophysical tools 2bind can answer practically every question for binding affinity, kinetics, thermodynamics, stoichiometry, protein stability, protein unfolding, protein buffer optimum, protein radius, solution homogeneity, and many more.

Working as a provider for biophysical analytics in early drug discovery, we are excited about the exceptional sensitivity of the WAVE system which elevates kinetic interaction analysis to a new unmatched level and helps us generate highest quality data for our customers

Benjamin Zimmer, PhD

Benjamin Zimmer, PhD,

Senior Scientist

  • Real Samples, Real Data

    The Creoptix WAVEsystem

    Confidently detect and quantify biological interactions in real-time, for high-quality kinetic data across a broader range of samples than traditional equipment.

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