Dec 2, 2019

The WAVE Community Keeps Growing

Another WAVE installed, this time in Italy!

A new WAVE

We are honored by the choice of the Istituto di Cristallografia - CNR Trieste - for the WAVEsystem to support their research activities. As part of the OpenLab2 project (Science Park in Trieste), the WAVEsystem is now available for researchers and companies in the drug discovery field.

The system and our GCI technology will be officially presented by our applications scientist, Dr. Fabio Andres, on Tuesday December 3rd at 9:30 at the Sala seminari del CNR “M. Sancrotti” (Piano 1), Palazzina Q2 – Area Science Park – Basovizza, S.S. 14 Km 163,5 Basovizza, Trieste, Italy.

We're looking forward to some high-quality kinetic data soon!

More info here (in Italian)