Creoptix® WAVEsystem

Next-generation bioanalytical instruments for drug discovery and life sciences for both industry and academic research.

Expanding the boundaries in drug discovery

The Creoptix WAVEsystem puts a breakthrough level of kinetics analysis at your fingertips by pushing the boundaries of affinity range and sample compatibility. The system’s exceptionally high data quality, sample compatibility and automated software facilitates drug discovery and enable new inroads into R&D.


The Creoptix® WAVEsystem combines crude sample robustness, high sensitivity, and sophisticated software, to create a novel optical biosensor platform for real-time label-free binding kinetics. Engineered around innovative microfluidics and our proprietary Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology, novel data from difficult samples is now possible for unsurpassed insight.

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How to benefit:

  • Crude samples, harsh chemicals, and particles up to 1000 nm
  • Self-contained disposable cartridge and small footprint
  • Ultra-fast transition times of 150 ms with reliable determination of off-rates up to 10 s-1
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratios (0.01 pg/mm2 at 1 Hz)
  • Reliable kinetics and binding affinities (KD) from low pM to low mM with from signals below 1 pg/mm2
  • Analyze large ligand‑to‑analyte molecular weight ratios up to >1000:1
  • Up to 120 hours of unattended operation

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