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The Creoptix™ WAVEsystem

Keeping Kinetics Real

The Creoptix™ WAVEsystem combines crude sample robustness, high sensitivity, and sophisticated software, to create a novel optical biosensor platform for real-time label-free binding kinetics. Engineered around innovative microfluidics and our proprietary Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology, novel data from difficult samples is now possible for unsurpassed insight.

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System Highlights

  • Crude samples, harsh chemicals, and particles up to 1000 nm
  • Self-contained disposable cartridge and small footprint
  • Ultra-fast transition times of 150 ms with reliable determination of off-rates up to 10 s-1
  • Superior signal-to-noise ratios (0.01 pg/mm2 at 1 Hz)
  • Reliable kinetics and binding affinities (KD) from low pM to low mM with from signals below 1 pg/mm2
  • Analyze large ligand‑to‑analyte molecular weight ratios up to >1000:1
  • Up to 120 hours of unattended operation
  • Real Samples, Real Data

    The Creoptix™ WAVEsystem

    Confidently detect and quantify biological interactions in real-time, for high-quality kinetic data across a broader range of samples than traditional equipment.

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The WAVEsystem in a nutshell