Carefree or basic support for high-quality kinetic data and unparalleled performance.

DTR care

Choose the program that fits your needs

  • Carefree Program - Ideal for the regular user

    Know what you are up to and plan your maintenance budget ahead of time

  • Basic Program - Ideal for the occasional user

    Call us when you need us t he most for a PM visit or a repair

The First 12 Months

Care for the first year of your Creoptix WAVEsystem is on us, with a warranty period that covers travel, labor and parts costs for one (1) onsite preventive maintenance (PM) visit to be carried out within 12 months. Travel, labor and parts costs for unscheduled repairs are also included.

The different WAVEcare programs ensure the continuous, high performance operation of your WAVEsystem.

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