Innovative, No-Clog Microfluidic Cartridge

No-clog microfluidic sensor chip for every need

The innovative design of our patented microfluidic cartridge supports crude samples, pathogenic samples, harsh solvents, and large particles up to 1000 nm normally only achieved with plate-based assays. WAVEchips can be exchanged within minutes for fresh microfluidics.

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Measure the toughest samples

Maintaining samples in native configuration and physiological conditions reduces the risk of protein inactivation or denaturation, ensuring the raw data generated is a faithful depiction of kinetic activity. However, large particles above 100nm in diameter tend to clog other systems.

By combining the microfluidics and biosensor in a single disposable cartridge, Creoptix WAVE system offers crude-sample robustness normally only achieved with plate-based assays. Compatible sample types include 100% serum or plasma, cell lysates, crude membranes preparations, large drug targets, virus-like particles (VLPs), liposomes, and aggregates (fibrils) without clogging-risk.

The chemical-friendly cartridge also makes it amenable to work with high concentrations of DMSO, acetonitrile, and other organic solvents typical of fragment libraries, and viscous detergents allowing exploration of solubilization and purification conditions for membrane proteins. And because the cartridges are self-contained and disposable, they eliminate cross-contamination protecting your samples and ensuring more reliable data.

No Microvalves for Fast Transitions

The cartridge design enables ultra-fast transition times of 150 msec for reliable determination of off-rates of 10 sec–1 (half-life of 69 ms), enabling the kinetic study of weakly binding fragments.

No-Clog for Crude Samples

No-clog microfluidics accommodates of a broad range of sample types to preserve activity and biological context, saving time from detrimental purification steps and clogging that takes other systems offline.


Our WAVEchips are compatible with:

  • 100% Serum & plasma & cell supernatant
  • Non-traditional solvents, including high percentages of acetonitrile and DMSO
  • Viscous detergents and additives to solubilize membrane proteins
  • Cell membrane preps, partially solubilized, unpurified material
  • Virus-like particles (VLPs), liposomes, or nanodiscs used as solubilization structures
  • Large binding partners: nanoparticles and crude membrane preps

How to save time with WAVEchip®

Frequently Asked Questions answered

  • How often can I use the WAVEchips?

    • This depends on the type of WAVEchip, the immobilization method used, and the behavior of the immobilized ligand. For example, His-tagged ligand proteins captured on a Ni-NTA surface can be regenerated by EDTA and the ligand freshly re-captured multiple times. This means that such a chip can generally be used repeatedly, provided it remains inserted in the Creoptix WAVEsystem. Regenerations are possible with both Ni-NTA and Protein A/G chips, allowing for multiple uses, however this is not easily accomplished with streptavidin or other chips.

  • How much ligand can you immobilize on the chips?

    • The immobilization capacity depends on the chip type and immobilization method. The highest capacity chip in the Creoptix WAVEsystem portfolio, the 4PCH WAVEchip, can immobilize up to 35,000 pg/mm2 of BSA, but the experimental capacity depends on the exact ligand used. The WAVEcontrol software has a built-in simulator that helps determine the ligand density required for an acceptable theoretical response.

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Proprietary microfluidics design in a single disposable sensor chip

  • Proprietary microfluidics design

    Innovative No-Clog Microfluidics Design explained.

  • Robustness

    Key parameters for robust microfluidics.

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