WAVEchip® brochure

Creoptix WAVEchips are cartridges designed for use with the Creoptix® WAVEsystem. By maintaining the target(s) of interest in a physiologically relevant state, they enable molecular interactions to be measured with high precision.

Featuring no-clog microfluidics and revolutionary sensor technology, Creoptix WAVEchips are functionalized with different surfaces - including Protein A/G, streptavidin, and nitrilotriacetic acid - for studying a broad range of biomolecular interactions.

WAV Echips

How to benefit:

  • Flexible design – wide selection of sensor chip surfaces for analyzing any type of biomolecular interaction
  • Robust microfluidics – study challenging sample types such as biofluids, cell membrane preps, and virus-like particles, with no risk of clogging
  • Proven performance - parallel flow channels enable rapid, synchronized sample transitions for high-quality kinetics
  • Easy to use – simply exchange the WAVEchip for fresh microfluidics within minutes, with no need for technical support

Whatever your application, we have a WAVEchip to meet your needs. From fragment-based screening to membrane protein characterization, from tight to weak binders, and from fast to slow off-rates, Creoptix WAVEchips represent an affordable, all-in-one solution for label-free data you can trust.

Download the Creoptix WAVEchip® brochure to discover the right WAVEchip for your application. Ordering information included.



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