Fast, intuitive, automated software

WAV Econtrol DK web

Workflow-based design offering both flexibility and functionality

Every step from assay setup over data evaluation to report writing is simplified with an intuitive design that mirrors the way you work. Our latest release, WAVEcontrol 4.0, also includes Direct Kinetics, a fast, automated and objective way to analyze data.

Assay setup to data reporting in 4 steps

1. Design your experiment

Smart design for your experiment before you begin, with our built-in optimizer to simulate data

2. Set-up your experiment

Use our wizards for a fast and efficient experimental set-up or manually edit for full flexibility

3. Evaluate your data

Apply our predefined models to evaluate the results of your experiments. Adjustments can be fully fine-tuned. Evaluate your data with traditional (global) fit or let Direct Kinetics evaluate the data for you

  • Global fitting

    • Global fitting is the most commonly used data evaluation function in real time biomolecular interaction analysis. Based on non-linear least-squares fitting, this method finds rates and affinity constants to fit curves as close as possible to the actual data.

      Global fitting needs human intervention for obtaining best results and is driven by “what looks good”. A well-trained scientist would need 3-5 minutes to analyze one interaction.

  • Evidence-based estimation

    • At Creoptix, we focus on the evidence supported by your biomolecular interaction data instead. With our brand new Direct Kinetics tool, we rely on robust statistical estimators to deliver an automated calculation of your kinetic parameters with a mathematically sound error analysis.

      With Direct Kinetics, instead of optimizing the visuals, the error on the determined parameters is minimized. Dozens of interactions are automatically analyzed in 3-5 minutes.

Assay setup to data reporting in 4 steps

4. Report your data

Get access to raw data and export your results in a customizable PDF or Word format with just a few clicks

How to benefit from WAVEcontrol?

  • New wizards

    pH scouting, support for new WAVEchip types, and new wizards to improve time-to-result

  • Smoother Set-Up

    Copy/paste and import from Excel files for large screens. Drag and drop for full flexibility

  • Improved Evaluation

    More models for regeneration-free kinetics and automated evaluation with Direct Kinetics (1-click evaluation tool)

  • Save time and costs

    Benefit from waveRAPID, a novel method allowing you to obtain kinetics of an interaction by injections from a single well.

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