WAVEcontrol brochure

The WAVEcontrol brochure reveals how workflow-based software provides complete control over biomolecular interaction analysis. As well as highlighting the capabilities of the Direct Kinetics and waveRAPID® software features, it contains examples of real-life data – including a characterization performed using only the dissociation phases of the binding curve, and a full kinetic analysis obtained from a single well.

WAV Econtrol

How to benefit:

  • Learn how WAVEcontrol software simplifies the entire biomolecular interaction analysis workflow – from experimental design and set-up through to data analysis and reporting
  • Discover how automated data evaluation based on robust statistical estimators minimizes error for more reliable results
  • Read about the multitude of ways your application could benefit – including faster screening, elimination of the need for DMSO correction, and reduced time to market for urgently-needed drugs
  • Find out more about the different software licensing options to determine which model best matches your requirements

Download the WAVEcontrol brochure to uncover a faster and more intuitive way of measuring kinetics.



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