Let's Talk Kinetics! The Virtual Seminar Series on Biomolecular Interaction Analysis

Biomolecular Interaction Analysis in Plant Sciences

Get acquainted with our WAVEsystem in less than 60 min and discover how high sensitivity and robust microfluidics can accelerate your biomolecular interaction analysis.

Why this virtual seminar?

The Creoptix® WAVEsystem puts a breakthrough level of kinetics analysis at your fingertips by pushing the boundaries of affinity range and sample compatibility. In this series of virtual seminar, we will walk you through the benefits of the WAVEsystem for plant sciences research. Expect to see high-quality kinetics in the toughest sample conditions!

"Grating-Coupled Interferometry 101" with Dr. Fabio Andres and Jean-Marc Belouard

We will discuss the Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology. Based on waveguide interferometry and able to monitor and characterize molecular interactions and determine kinetic rates, affinity constants and concentrations of the interacting analytes, the GCI technology is at the core of the WAVEsystem.

To close this session, we will show a few applications of the WAVEsystem and how it can enable you to face the toughest samples.

  • Screen, rank and characterize weak binders with off-rates up to 10 s-1.
  • Study binding kinetics even at large analyte:ligand MW ratios (up to 1:1000).
  • Experiment with crude mixtures, detergents and other additives without clogging.

The Virtual Seminar Series on Biomolecular Interaction Analysis - GCI 101

with Dr. Fabio Andres

“Probing signalling interactions by two methods: GCI and ITC”, with Dr. Kelvin Lau

Biophysical methods applied to signalling interactions, including those in plant sciences.

Probing Signalling Interactions by Two Methods: GCI and ITC

with Dr. Kelvin Lau

The Speakers

Application Scientist at Creoptix AG

Fabio Andres, PhD

Dr. Fabio Andres has a strong background in protein biochemistry, cancer drug research and the development of diagnostic assays and biosensor applications. Holding a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Zurich, he joined Creoptix as an Application Scientist in 2018.

Scientist at the Protein Production and Structure Core Facility at EPFL

Kelvin Lau, PhD

With deep expertise in protein expression, purification and characterization, Dr. Kelvin Lau is trained in biochemistry and structural biology, with a keen interest in protein-protein interactions.

Keeping Kinetics Real