Our Creoptix® WAVEsystem is featured in scientific articles in the following (peer-reviewed) journals

Featuring the WAVE

  • SLAS Discovery, 2021

    Kartal, Ö., Andres, F., Lai, M. P., Nehme, R., & Cottier, K. (2021). "waveRAPID—A Robust Assay for High-Throughput Kinetic Screens with the Creoptix WAVEsystem."

    SLAS DISCOVERY: Advancing the Science of Drug Discovery, 24725552211013827.

  • Nature Communications, 2021

    C. Hong, N.J. Byrne, B. Zamlynny, S. Tummala, L. Xiao, J.M. Shipman, A.T. Partridge, C. Minnick, M.J. Breslin, M.T. Rudd, et al. “Structures of active-state orexin receptor 2 rationalize peptide and small-molecule agonist recognition and receptor activation.”

  • RSC Advances, 2021

    E.A. FitzGerald, M.T. Butko, P. Boronat, D. Cederfelt, M. Abramsson, H. Ludviksdottir, J.E. van Muijlwijk-Koezen, I.J.P. de Esch, D. Dobritzsch, T. Young, H. Danielson. “Discovery of fragments inducing conformational effects in dynamic proteins using a second-harmonic generation biosensor”

  • Scientific Reports, 2020

    H. Jankovics, B. Kovacs, A. Saftics, T. Gerecsei, E. Tóth, I. Szekacs, F. Vonderviszt, R. Horvath. “Grating-coupled interferometry reveals binding kinetics and affinities of Ni ions to genetically engineered protein layers.”

  • PNAS, 2020

    A. D. Crook, A. C. Willoughby, O. Hazak, S. Okuda, K. R. VanDerMolen, C. L. Soyars, P. Cattaneo, N. M. Clark, R. Sozzani, M. Hothorn, C. S. Hardtke, Z. L. Nimchuk. “BAM1/2 receptor kinase signaling drives CLE peptide-mediated formative cell divisions in Arabidopsis roots.”

  • bioRxiv, 2020

    J. D. Walter, C. A. J. Hutter, A. A. Garaeva, M. Scherer, I. Zimmermann, M. Wyss, J. Rheinberger, Y. Ruedin, J. C. Earp, P. Egloff, M. Sorgenfrei, L. Hürlimann, I. Gonda, G. Meier, S. Remm, S. Thavarasah, G. Zimmer, D. J. Slotboom, C. Paulino, P. Plattet, M. A. Seeger. “Highly potent bispecific sybodies neutralize SARS-CoV-2.”

  • bioRxiv, 2020

    J. D. Walter, C. A. .J. Hutter, I. Zimmermann, M. Wyss, P. Egloff, M. Sorgenfrei, L. M. Hürlimann, I. Gonda, G. Meier, S. Remm, S. Thavarasah, P. Plattet, M. A. Seeger. “Sybodies targeting the SARS-CoV-2 receptor-binding domain.”

  • Plant Physiology, 2020

    P. Jimenez Sandoval, J. Santiago. “In vitro analytical approaches to study plant ligand-receptor interactions.”

  • PNAS, 2020

    S. Moussu, C. Broyart, G. Santos-Fernandez, S. Augustin, S. Wehrle, U. Grossniklaus, J. Santiago. "Structural basis for recognition of RALF peptides by LRX proteins during pollen tube growth."

  • Science, 2020

    N. M. Doll, S. Royek, S. Fujita, S. Okuda, S. Chamot, A. Stintzi, T. Widiez, M. Hothorn, A. Schaller, N. Geldner. "A two-way molecular dialogue between embryo and endosperm is required for seed development."

  • PNAS, 2020

    S. Okuda, S. Fujita, A. Moretti, U. Hohmann, V.G. Doblas, Y. Ma, A. Pfister, B. Brandt, N. Geldner, M. Hothorn. "Molecular mechanism for the recognition of sequence-divergent CIF peptides by the plant receptor kinases GSO1/SGN3 and GSO2."

  • Analyst, 2019

    B. Peter, A. Saftics, B. Kovacs, S. Kurunczi, R. Horvath. "Oxidation increases the binding of EGCG to serum albumin revealed by kinetic data from label-free optical biosensor with reference channel."

  • The EMBO Journal, 2019

    K. Lau, R. Podolec, R. Chappuis, R. Ulm, M. Hothorn. "Plant photoreceptors and their signaling components compete for binding to the ubiquitin ligase COP1 using their VP-peptide motifs."

  • Journal of Molecular Biology, 2019

    F. Andres, L. Iamele, T. Meyer, J.C. Stüber, F. Kast, E. Gherardi, H.H. Niemann, A. Plückthun. "Inhibition of the MET Kinase Activity and Cell Growth in MET-Addicted Cancer Cells by Bi-Paratopic Linking."

  • Life Science Alliance Journal, 2019

    L. Lorenzo-Orts, U. Hohmann, J. Zhu, M. Hothorn. "Molecular characterization of CHAD domains as inorganic polyphosphate-binding modules."

  • Nature Plants, 2018

U. Hohmann, J. Nicolet, A. Moretti, L.A. Hothorn, M. Hothorn, "The SERK3 elongated allele defines a role for BIR ectodomains in brassinosteroid signalling."

  • PNAS, 2018

    U. Hohmann, J. Santiago, J. Nicolet, V. Olsson, F. Spiga. L.A. Hothorn, M.A. Butenko, M. Hothorn, "Mechanistic basis for the activation of plant membrane receptor kinases by SERK-family coreceptors."

  • E-Life, 2018

    W. Pitsawong, V. Buosi, R. Otten, R.V. Agafonov, A. Zorba, N. Kern, S. Kutter, G. Kern, R.A.P. Pádua, X. Meniche, D. Kern. "Dynamics of human protein kinase Aurora A linked to drug selectivity."

Featuring our GCI technology

Our Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology is featured in scientific articles in the following peer-reviewed journals

  • Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2014

P. Kozma, F. Kehl, E. Ehrentreich-Förster, C. Stamm, F. Bier, "Integrated planar optical waveguide interferometer biosensors: A comparative review."

  • Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2014

    D. Patko, Z. Mártonfalvi, B. Kovacs, F. Vonderviszt, M. Kellermayer, R. Horvath, "Microfluidic channels laser-cut in thin double-sided tapes: Cost-effective biocompatible fluidics in minutes from design to final integration with optical biochips."

  • Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2013

    D. Patko, B. Gyorgy, A. Nemeth, K.E. Szabó-Taylor, A. Kittel, E.I. Buzas, R. Horvath, “Label-free optical monitoring of surface adhesion of extracellular vesicles by grating coupled interferometry.”

  • Optics Express, 2012

    D. Patko, K. Cottier, A. Hamori, R. Horvath “Single beam grating coupled interferometry: high resolution miniaturized label-free sensor for plate based parallel screening.”

  • Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2011

    P. Kozma, A. Hamori, S. Kurunczi, K. Cottier, R. Horvath, “Grating coupled optical waveguide interferometer for label-free biosensing.”

  • Applied Physics B – Lasers and Optics, 2009

    P. Kozma, A. Hamori, K. Cottier, S. Kurunczi, R. Horvath, “Grating coupled interferometry for optical sensing.”

In Media

Our Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI) technology is featured in printed media

  • Drug Target Review, Issue #3 2020

    Under the microscope: Transforming drug discovery on membrane proteins

    In November 2017, leadXpro chose to strengthen its capabilities with the Creoptix® WAVEsystem. “We were looking for a label‑free, biophysical method to investigate binding affinity and kinetics of small molecules with challenging integral membrane proteins,” explained Michael Hennig, Chief Executive Officer of leadXpro...