Direct Kinetics

Our 1-click evaluation tool for more models for regeneration-free kinetics and automated evaluation.

Wave Rapid Direct Kinetics

Evidence-based estimation

With our Direct Kinetics tool, we rely on robust statistical estimators to deliver an automated calculation of your kinetic parameters with a mathematically sound error analysis.

Direct Kinetics: How to benefit?

  • Screen faster: Combine primary and secondary screens in one run
  • Skip DMSO correction: Affinity and kinetic rates are not affected by bulk refractive index differences
  • Reduce time-to-market: Speed up drug development process
  • More space in your plate: WAVE goodbye to serial dilutions
  • Save time and money: Reduce sample and reagent consumption

Direct Kinetics vs. traditional Global fitting

Global fitting is the most commonly used data evaluation function in real time biomolecular interaction analysis. Based on non-linear least-squares fitting, this method finds rates and affinity constants to fit curves as close as possible to the actual data.

Global fitting needs human intervention for obtaining best results and is driven by "what looks good". A well-trained scientist would need 3-5 minutes to analyze one interaction.

With Direct Kinetics, instead of optimizing the visuals, the error on the determined parameters is minimized. Dozens of interactions are automatically analyzed in 3-5 minutes.

Immune to refractive index disturbances

waveRAPID allows you to overcome a fundamental challenge of refractive index-based sensors: liquid refractive index distrubances that need correction. This is especially useful when dealing with moleclues that significantly alter the refractive idnex of the buffers used.

Using waveRAPID, only the dissocation part of the binding curves is needed to extract both association and dissociation rates.



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