No-clog microfluidics

No-clog microfluidics

Proprietary microfluidics design in a single disposable sensor chip

Key parameters for robust microfluidics

How to benefit from WAVEchip® and no-clog design

  • Work closer to real life conditions: full binding kinetics in serum, plasma and other biofluids
  • Reduce maintenance costs: no-clog and robust microfluidics
  • Maximize instrument time: fresh microfluidics within minutes
  • Distinguish noise from weak binders with ultra-fast off-rates
  • Compatibility

    All about the compatibility of our WAVEchip®.

  • Interactive chip finder

    Find the right WAVEchip® for your application with our Interactive chip finder or download our WAVEchip® brochure.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    See our answers to frequently asked questions.

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