Innovative, No-Clog Microfluidic Design

Innovative, No-Clog Microfluidic Design

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The innovative design of our patented microfluidic cartridge supports crude samples, pathogenic samples, harsh solvents, and large particles up to 1000 nm, enabling reliable kinetic analysis. WAVEchips can be exchanged within minutes for fresh microfluidics.

Our WAVEchips are compatible with:

  • 100% Serum & plasma & cell supernatant.
  • Non-traditional solvents, including high percentages of acetonitrile and DMSO.
  • Viscous detergents and additives to solubilize membrane proteins.
  • Cell membrane preps, partially solubilized, unpurified material.
  • Virus-like particles (VLPs), liposomes, or nanodiscs used as solubilization structures.
  • Large binding partners: nanoparticles and crude membrane preps.
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Proprietary microfluidics design in a single disposable sensor chip

  • Work closer to real life conditions: full binding kinetics in serum, plasma and other biofluids.
  • Reduce maintenance costs: no-clog and robust microfluidics.
  • Maximize instrument time: fresh microfluidics within minutes.

Distinguish noise from weak binders with ultra-fast off-rates

No Microvalves for Fast Transitions

The cartridge design enables ultra-fast transition times of 150 msec for reliable determination of off-rates of 10 sec–1 (half-life of 69 ms), enabling the kinetic study of weakly binding fragments

Continue exploring our technologies

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    Grating-Coupled Interferometry

    A distinguishing advantage of the WAVE is the patented Grating Coupled Interferometry (GCI) design. GCI is based on waveguide interferometry to determine kinetics, affinity, and concentrations of the interacting molecules.

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    Sophisticated Software

    With intuitive workflow, software wizards an automated data evaluation, the WAVEcontrol software guides the user through experimental set up, kinetic evaluation and report generation.

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