Sophisticated Software

Sophisticated Software

It's how we analyze data

With the WAVEcontrol software, every step from assay setup over data evaluation to report writing is simplified with an intuitive design that mirrors the way you work. Our latest release, WAVEcontrol 4.0, also includes Direct Kinetics, a fast, automated and objective way to analyze data.

  • Global fitting

    Global fitting is the most commonly used data evaluation function in real time biomolecular interaction analysis. Based on non-linear least-squares fitting, this method finds rates and affinity constants to fit curves as close as possible to the actual data.

    Global fitting needs human intervention for obtaining best results and is driven by “what looks good”. A well-trained scientist would need 3-5 minutes to analyze one interaction.

  • Evidence-based estimation

    At Creoptix, we focus on the evidence supported by your biomolecular interaction data instead. With our brand new Direct Kinetics tool, we rely on robust statistical estimators to deliver an automated calculation of your kinetic parameters with a mathematically sound error analysis.

    With Direct Kinetics, instead of optimizing the visuals, the error on the determined parameters is minimized. Dozens of interactions are automatically analyzed in 3-5 minutes.

WAV Econtrol DK web

WAVEcontrol 4.0 has a shiny new user interface

Including a confidence region plot that shows you the reproducibility of your results.

Continue exploring our technologies

  • It's how we see light

    Grating-Coupled Interferometry

    A distinguishing advantage of the WAVE is the patented Grating Coupled Interferometry (GCI) design. GCI is based on waveguide interferometry to determine kinetics, affinity, and concentrations of the interacting molecules.

    WAV Edelta square web landscape
  • It's how we flow

    Innovative, No-Clog Microfluidic Design

    No-clog microfluidics accommodates a broad range of sample types to preserve activity and biological context, saving time from detrimental purification steps and clogging that takes other systems offline.

    WAV Echip web landscape 3