Case Study on Weak Binders

Pushing the boundaries in pharmaceutical hit discovery with the novel waveRAPID® kinetic assay

Drug discovery high-throughput screening campaigns of thousands of compounds can produce a large number of hits showing potential interaction with the drug target. For the selection of those hits with a potential for further development, a full characterization of binding kinetics is required.

Technote 17

In a study conducted by an HTS drug discovery group of Idorsia Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is demonstrated the kinetic characterization of a large number of drugs hit compounds:

  • In several experiments, binding kinetics of up to 146 hit compounds were determined by waveRAPID, using pulsed injections of samples at a single concentration onto the drug target previously immobilized on the sensor matrix
  • All analyzed compounds had been studied before on state-of-the-art SPR instrumentation, using traditional multi-cycle kinetic measurements

Understand how you can take only a few minutes to characterize each compound, and save significant time, materials – and costs by reading the following case study.



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