Let's talk kinetics! The Virtual Seminar Series

Get acquainted with our WAVEsystem in less than 30 min and discover how high sensitivity and robust microfluidics can accelerate your biomolecular interaction analysis.



"Grating-Coupled Interferometry 101"

with Dr. Fabio Andres and Maria Walton

  • Modern label-free technology meets robust microfluidics and sophisticated software
  • Higher signal, lower noise and faster transitions 
  • A step closer to a 1:1 model 



"Small Molecules: Binding Kinetics no Matter the Size"

with Dr. Fabio Andres and Jean-Marc Belouard

  • Screen, rank and characterize weak binders with off-rates up to 10 s-1 
  • Study binding kinetics even at large analyte:ligand MW ratios (up to 1:1000)
  • Experiment with crude mixtures, detergents and other additives without clogging 



"Binding Kinetics onto Membrane Proteins" 

with Dr. Ellen Lee and Evan Baxter

  • Analyze multiprotein complexes and even larger particles like VLPs and crude membranes
  • WAVE goodbye to lengthy and laborious receptor purification procedures
  • Welcome contaminants and work with crude samples